Chapter 7 Bankruptcy On Line Service 

The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center can handle your entire Chapter 7 bankruptcy on line.

1.  We order a all 3 of your credit reports, Including credit score.

2   We download your credit report information into your petition

3.  Creditors to be discharged are sent to you in a report

4.   An electronic program is sent to your computer to gather required            information 

Using our special software we gather all of the necessary information to complete your bankruptcy petition. We are now ready to process your Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  After our internal review, we send your completed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to you via US Priority Mail.  

We provide you with a copy of "How To File for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" this is a Nolo Press Publication which was written by bankruptcy attorneys.  It provides you with answers to every possible question you might ask in reference to filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Filing your bankruptcy in court can be done my regular mail, or can be filed in person, your choice.  We supply all necessary pre-addressed envelopes and instructions. 

Don't worry, we are available 24/7 via e mail.  If you have a procedural question send us an e-mail.  We will get right back to you.  

Chapter 7 Fee's
Paid to Bankruptcy Center                           

Document cost.. $545.00  

Credit reports.........42.00    

Required Courses..33.00   

Nolo's Ch. 7 Bkr......25.00

Total Cost............$645.00

Deposit to start .322.50

Balance Paid in 30 days.

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Paid to court and Others

Court Fees.............,.$335.00

Required to file.........167.50

Balance to court 60 days

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