How to Change Residental Parenting, 

Modify Child Support or Visitation

During the divorce process with minor children the parents prepare a Parenting Plan. This document tells the court who is the residential parent, how visitation will be  handled for the non-residential parent. How holiday's will be shared an well as schedules for spring, summer and winter school breaks.  Based on the number of overnight stays, payment of health care, child care, net earnings, child support is calculated.  If more than one child is involved child support is calculated to reduce as each child reaches the age of majority. As the children grow older all of these items will change.  

Other items also change.  Parents earning, residential locations and the cost of raising children.  It is difficult to project how many circumstances will change as each parent moves on with their own lives.  One thing is for certain. All of these changes must be addressed yearly or at least every other year. 

The Divorce and Mediation Center has created a program to address these issues and assist parents to modify child support and related items at a reasonable cost.  Use the buttons below for additional information.  To receive a phone call click on Contact Us

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