On Line Divorce Forms

Most out of state divorce form providers make claims as to form reviews.  The fact is, that they are providing a computer system which generates a legal form directly from the information which you supply.  How do we know this.  Being in business for over 22 years, customers bring these forms into our office asking for assist in filing documents in court.  A simple review of their forms show that they are missing a "Non-Attorney Disclosure", or a "Limited Attorney Disclosure".  The end result is, you are purchasing the use of a computer program for $150.00 or more. Beware, all documents produced and filed in the state of Flordia require a non- attorney disclosure if any type assistance is provided. Not doing so is breaking the law.   Our Custom  Divorce Packages include assistance and include a "non-attorney disclosure".  Our computer generated forms do not include assistance.  

Computer Generated Forms

A computer generated document is one where there is no outside assistance.  The form is provided, and the individual filing the divorce fills in the information, prints and files the documents themselves.  Anyone who has done research quickly learns that you can purchase a book of forms from the court house.  You can also download them from the State of Flordia Web Site.  The problems that arises is, which forms do you download, or select in the package of forms that you have purchased.  In order to solve this problem, the Divorce & Bankruptcy Center designed a package of forms specific to the type of divorce being filed.  These forms have been automated with Adobe PDF.  In addition, we have designed an autofill system which allows the forms to regenerate other forms that contain similar information.  The end result is a complete set of divorce documents produced in minutes in your own home on your own computer and ready to file in court with complete instructions.    We cannot justify charging you hundreds of dollars for a simple process.  So we don't.  

Simplified Divorce

Our first release is our Simplified Divorce package.  You can register for use of this program by filling out the input form to the right.  It will take you to a Pay Pal site to render payment.  Upon completion of payment you will receive a password to access our Simple Divorce Computer program. 

Pricing                             $49.95

The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center is not a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice.

Upon notification of your payment you will receive an         e-mail password to access  the Simple Divorce Program.

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The Divorce & Mediation Center is not a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice


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