How to Change Child Support or Visitation

Most people will think of money first.  But it does not need to be money.  Substantial change may also consist of a change in the overnight parenting pattern exercised by either parent.  Florida child support statutes allow a change anytime it would be at least 15% or $50.00 which every is greater.  Child support can be lowered or increased if you can show a substantial permanent and unanticipated change in your circumstances.


How do you change child support?  It starts with a Florida Supreme Court Form 12.905(a).  Supplemental Petition to Modify Parental Responsibility, Visitation, or Parenting Plan/Time Sharing Schedule and Other Relief. 


If you have a good working relationship with your ex-spouse, you should discuss this change with them to see if it you can jointly file the necessary paperwork.  This is the least expensive method of changing child support.  The Divorce & Mediation Center can assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork including filing this matter in court on your behalf for a very reasonable cost.  If there are issues that need to be resolved, you can hire one of our Family Mediators to assist you.

Complete Document Service for a Modification of Child Support   $795.00.  + Court & Filing Fees.

If you do not have a working relationship with your ex-spouse your only choice is fling a contested case in court.  Before you do this, it is highly recommended that you try pre-suit mediation.  We can send a letter explaining the advantages in using mediation in a Supplemental Petition to Modify Child Support to your ex-spouse.  In some case’s this procedure is acceptable to both parties since it lowers the overall costs to both parties.

If the parties cannot agree to pre-suit mediation, your only alternative is to file a case in court.  The Divorce & Mediation Center can assist the Petitioner in the preparation of the necessary documents to proceed with a court case.  For complete information call 954 946 4774 and ask to speak with a Family Mediator.  You can also click on the button below and a Family Mediator will contact you. 

Court and Filing Fee's Uncontested  $135.00

Court and Filing Fee's Contested       $230.00

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