Aviation Mediation

The Aviation Industry deals with complex subjects such as aerodynamics, engineering, pilot error and scientific processes.  Therefore a successful aviation mediator mus be able to understand such complex topics in short order so that he or she does not exhaust too much of the mediation time trying to understand the complexities involved.  A mediator with a background in the aviation industry who understands these subjects is a good fit for this type of cases.

           Allan J. Weltman, Qualified Aviation Mediator

Long before his career as a Family Mediator, Allan  learned to fly.  In a very short time, he added several ratings until he earned his commercial instrument and multi engine  pilots licenses.  He added a helicopter rating in the service.  He has logged over 10,000 hours both civilian and military during his 59 years in the aviation industry.   Mr. Weltman founded the Antenna Development Company in 1965 designing General Aviation antenna products.  His company was purchased by General Aviation Electronics in 1970.  He remained with this company for 10 years as president of its marketing division.  Allan was a member of the AEA, Aircraft Electronics Association and assisted many of the early manufactures of aviation products enter the market place.  Needless to say, Mr. Weltman has a multi faceted  background in the aviation industry.  Allan has been a Florida Supreme Court Mediator for the past 26 years.  He is also acknowledged as a Special Knowledge Individual in the area of technology.  He serves as a trainer for the Family Mediation Training group.   Allan frequently lectures on the integration of computer programs and the internet.  Weltman is still an active commercial pilot and uses his airplane in his aviation and family mediation practice.

Venue for Aviation Disputes

The venue for aviation disputes is wide-ranging due to the fortuitous nature of many losses and the diverse geography of the parties. In recognition of this, Allan Weltman is available to serve as a mediator at his offices in Boca Raton, Florida or in locations outside the State of 

Florida if that is more convenient for the parties.  

The parties pay one hourly cost for the time of the mediator, which is typically split equally among themselves.  If the mediation is held ouside of South Florida, the parties pay for transportation costs to and from the destination and hotel charges if an overnight stay is required. Travel time in excess of one hour is charges at fifty percent of the standard rate.  

Mediation preparation typically requires 1 to 3 hours of initial calls among the parties or their counsel and review of the mediation submissions.  The mediator will seek consent of the parties before incurring preparation time in excess of 5 hours. The first hour of preparation time is at no charge.  

Mediation's can be scheduled for a half day (four hours) or a full day (eight hour charge, but sessions can last for up to ten hours if necessary).  The mediator will provide a standard mediation agreement for the parties to review and sign before the mediation begins. 

When selecting a Mediator Experience Counts

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