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One of the best kept secrets in family law is  mediation.  The majority of contested divorce cases are resolved in mediation, not by court trials.  It is true that most parties in a divorce will hire an attorney to represent themselves.  The spouse will also hire an attorney.  When the attorneys cannot resolve the issues, they hire a family mediator.  Now comes the best kept secret.  Its called "Pre Suit Mediation".  Before you rush to hire an attorney, give us a call.  Only a mediator can meet with both parties.  Attorneys cannot.  There is a better than 90% chance that we can assist the parties in resolving their issues.  Its far less expensive to pay for one mediator than two attorney's.

           Additional Discussions Concerning Property

After resolving divorce issues, additional discussions are necessary concerning division of assets and liabilities.  Our mediators use very sophisticated software to assist in the calculate equitable distribution.  Why waste time and money.  Experience counts when selecting your Family Mediator.  

Complete services are provided

  • Divorce Mediation (with or without attorneys)

  • All documents necessary to file a divorce in court

  • Free delivery with Notary service 

  • Electronic filing on your behalf in court.

  • Best of all, No Court Appearance Necessary for either party

Our service is available anywhere in the State of Florida.  Our mediation staff will come to you.  Give us a call for complete details.  Call 954 946 4774 or go to the 

"Contact Us" page and send us a message and we will call you.

When selecting a Mediator Experience Counts

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