Uncontested Divorce         $795.00 *

With minor children or property No Court Hearings

If convenience is at the top of your list than an Uncontested Divorce is what you need. Everything is done for you.  You supply your information by computer or phone .  We prepare the documents based on this information.   Upon receipt of your signed documents, they will be e-filed in court. There are no court hearings to attend. You will receive your divorce decree signed by a judge in 30 to 40 days by mail.  

Fill out the form to the right.  Don't worry it is not necessary to pay a fee up front.  Upon receipt of your information, we will prepare a computer input form.  This is to make sure that we spelled your information correctly.  This information will be sent to you via DocuSign, a very secure encrypted web service.  We will store your information for 90 days.

If changes need to be made, just send us a e-mail and we will make these changes until you are ready to file your documents.

When ever you are ready to proceed, we can take your payment information over the phone.  Within 12 hours your documents will be sent to you.  Or, you can sign them in our office.

When we have the signed documents, you will need to supply us with a money order for the court fees and we will e-file your documents in court.  There are n court hearings to attend.  You will receive a divorce decree in the mail signed by a judge in 30 to 40 days.

If you need help or have questions, Give us a Call

954 946 4774

The Package Includes        

        Complete Documents for Both Parties


        Custom Service (Everything done for you)


        Customer Support (From Start to Finish)


        Name Change provision for your wife

        Child support calculations provided

        Parenting plan specifies child agreements

        Electronic Filing of your Court Documents  

         No Court Hearings to attend

         Free electronic delivery of your documents



*Excludes Court Fee's of $408.00, electronic filing fees $75. 

Total divorce cost from $1278.00.

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