Our Divorce Document Package Includes:


  • These procedures listed do not apply to a Simple Divorce.

  • Each package includes a Legal Assistant assigned to your case.  This  person will know every detail of your case and following it through to completion.  Call your "Legal Assistance" any time you have a question, its part of your custom service.

  • Easy and secure online questionaire developed over the 22 years that we have been serving the divorce industry.

  • All of our documents will be prepared on Florida Supreme Court approved forms .

  • All divorces with assets and liabilties will include a "Marital Settlement Agreement".  Our easy to read format that shows exactly who gets what and who is responsible to pay. 

  • All divorces with children include a court required "Parenting Plan".  This 32 page document explains every facit of child care and responsibility.  There will be no doubt as to who is responsible for what, and who is responsible to pay.

  • All divorces with children include a "Child Support Worksheet".  This document sets the child support to be paid for by the responsible party.  Child support is calculated for all of the children, then re calculated as each child reaches majority.  You will always know how much child support is due at each stage of your life after divorce. 

  • Name change is inlcuded at no additional charge if the spouse wishes to return to her maiden name

  •  Hassle-free revisions prior to production of your divorce documents.

  • Free delivery of your documents

  • By clicking on the "Get Started" button you can alert us as to the type of divorce you are cotemplating.  A document specialist will contact you to provide you with any additional information you may need.  There is no charge to register, or pressure to start your divorce.  

  • After you have submitted your registration, you will automatically be taken to an input form.  This will allow you to gather the information you will need for the type of divorce you have selected.  You may print the completed input form, or save it and add additional information  at later time.  You may also request us to gather the information on the phone.   Only a 50% deposit is required when you submit the information to us to start your divorce.

  • Best of all, you do not need to file your divorce in court, we will have a courier do that for you.  In uncontested cases you will not be required to attend a final  hearing.  You will receive your divorce document signed by a judge in the mail.


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The Divorce and Mediation Center

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