How the divorce process works


  • With the exception of the Simple Divorce, the following process applies.

  • All divorces start with the Petition.  We call it the wish list.  Usually the person requesting the divorce is the "Petitioner" , the other party the "Respondent".  In a divorce when the parties are in complete agreement on all issues, either party can be the petitioner.   

  • The first step is to  select the Divorce & Bankruptcy Center  and pay a deposit of 50%  of our fee to prepare your documents.

  •  Provide us with the necessary information to prepare all documents.  After you  and your spouse have submitted your information, we e-mail you a proof sheet for your review.  If you and your spouse are not living together, we will send  a "request for information" to his/or her e mail address.

  • After receipt of  the necessary information, all documents are prepared.  

  • A request for the balance of our fee is sent, and upon receipt, all documents are sent to both parties for review and signatures. (If you live more than 25 miles from our main office, the documents will be delivered to your home or office and notarized.) 

  • All documents are returned to us to for inspection  and review, along with a money order made payable to the clerk of court for court fees.

  • The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center will contact a courier to file your documents in the appropriate court, and notify your of your case number.

  • The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center will scan and store a copy of your records in our secure server.  These documents can be e mailed to you at no additional cost.  

  • Both parties will receive a "Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage" in the mail.

  • That's it, you are now divorced.

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The Divorce and Mediation Center

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