What you should know before you purchase divorce documentation

When you decide to use a document service regardless of who they are, you are representing yourself.  The court assumes you know what you are doing. basically you are  your own attorney.  In court jargon Pro-Se. In some cases, you should consider being represented by an attorney. Attorney's can only represent one party. There is no such thing as dual representation.   In the state of Florida unless you are a member of the Florida Bar, you are a non-attorney.  If in doubt, check with the Florida Bar web site.  Some attorney's do offer document service. In this case, they are not representing you, they are selling you documents. 


What is mediation, and why should I select a mediator to prepare divorce documents.  Certified mediators are members of the Dispute Resolution Center.  Like attorney's their services are under the supervision of the Florida Supreme Court.  Unlike attorney's, they cannot provide you with legal advice.  Unlike attorney's  they can work with both parties to resolve issues that parties may have.  The end result is, the parties can proceed to use a document company to prepare the necessary court documents for divorce.  Some mediation firms also provide mediation and document services.  Some interesting facts are that; approximately 98% of mediation that take place prior to filing a suit in court are resolved in mediation.  All cases that are filed in court will be referred to mediation before being set for trial.  Only 3% of cases actually end up in a court trial.    


Be careful with your sensitive information.  When you or  your spouse talk to or provide written information to a non-attorney, there is no confidentiality. When dealing with a Florida Bar attorney or a mediator, confidentially is guaranteed.  The mediation privilege is a rule providing that the confidential communications are not admissible in court.  You should also be aware that any information that you file in a divorce case is open to the public to access.  That is why the Divorce & Bankruptcy Center (a mediation and document company) does not file documents in the court where you live.  

The following are independent mediators or attorney mediators that you may wish to talk to in regard to a divorce

        Geraldine Waxman

JD, Practice area's Mediation and Immigration, Past Pres Broward County Women Lawyers Assn., Past Pres. SO. FL Mediators Assoc, American Arbitration Assn, Expert for Mediation, Member of New York State Bar Assn., FL Supreme Court Approved primary Trainer for Mediation.  Primary Trainer Family Mediation Training Group.

               Phone 954-741-1311

         Allan J. Weltman

Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator, Qualified Arb-

itrator, Family Mediator, Special Knowledge trainer.  Past Tres. So. FL Mediators. Member of The Family Training Group, Member of Florida Academy of  of Professional Mediators (FAPM) 

             Phone 954-946-4774

              Meah Tell

JD Columbia Univ Law School, MBA, Columbia Univ. LL.M. Taxation Univ, Miami, FL Past Pres. Assn. So. FL Mediators, Past Pres. FL Academy of Professional Mediators.  Member of The Family Training Group.  Fluent in Spanish.

         Phone  954-733-5000

7495 W. Atlantic Ave Suite 292

Delray Beach, FL 33446


The Divorce and Mediation Center

The Divorce & Mediation Center is not a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice


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