Financing Your Divorce

The divorce process can be more than fits into your budget.  That is why the Divorce and Bankruptcy Center provides several custom plans that will make your divorce affordable.  

First select the type of divorce you need from the                                .  Select the    type of Uncontested divorce you need. This page will tell you the cost of the specific divorce you need.  


Then click on                                        .       A $100.00 deposit will start any type of Uncontested divorce you need.  Once we receive your deposit, we will gather the information we need to prepare your documents.  

The next step is to figure out what amount will fit into your budget. (We cannot accept amounts less than $50.00 monthly.)   Example:  A Uncontested Divorce with no minor children of property costs $594.00.  After your $100.00 deposit you owe $494.00.  At $50.00 per week, your documents will be paid for in 10 weeks.  You can shorten the time frame at any time by increasing the amount of weekly payments.

Give us a call, a Financing Representative will work out a plan that will fit your budget.  954 946 4774.  Or click on                           and we will call you.

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