How to Modify an agreement without breaking the bank

Original Agreement

The Original agreement is a starting point.  This is normally done by the parents. This agreement is so important, it should be done with the assistance of a Family Mediator. Plan on spending 2 to 3 hours of mediation time.  The mediator will assist the parties in a proper Parenting Plan and a starting Child Support Agreement.        

Supplemental Petition to Modify

When it becomes necessary to modify an existing Parenting Plan and/or a Child Support Court Order, they all fall into two different catagories.  Uncontested and Contested.  The Uncontested Modification will be handled the same as the Original Agreement (above) with the assistance of a Family Mediator.  


A Contested Modification is handled by preparing a Proposed Parenting

Plan, and a request for Mandatory Disclosure of current earning.  These documents are served on the other parent.  To provide the necessary information please click on the button below 

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