Small Claims Court.

    We like to call Small Claims Court the Peoples Court.  Why, because you do not need an attorney to sue someone who owes you money. You do need a document company to prepare the proper paperwork, electronically file your case in court then handle the summons.  


     All Small Claims cases are handled first by a Mediatior, not the Judge.  Both you and the defendant are sent to a room with the mediator to see if the case can be settled with the assistanance of the Mediator.  98% of all cases are resolved in mediation. 


     Mediators in the State of Florida are certified by the Florida Supreme Court.  The Mediators employed by The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center are Certified Country Mediators.    

     Using a mediation firm to handle you small claims case makes sense.  We are part of the system, not an "On Line" computer company sending you filled out forms.  Give us a call and talk to one of our Certified County Mediators about your case.


      Most companies providing Small Claims Service will gather very little information, then ask for payment.  The Divorce & Bankruptcy Center has been in business a long time.  24 years to be exact, and the same location in Pompano Beach, FL .  We are a local company, and know how to handle cases in the Small Claims Court.  Below is a list of services that we provide before we file your case.


     1.  Verification of the enity that you are suing.

     2.  Verification of a current address

     3.  Check to see if there are existing judgments

     4.  Final Demand Letter (1 out of 5 cases will settle)

     5.  Electronically file your case with notification to you.


File for $99.00  

Plus Court & Summons fees

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The Divorce and Mediation Center

The Divorce & Mediation Center is not a law firm and cannot provide you with legal advice


The Divorce & Mediation Center is "A" rated with the Florida Better Business Bureau.  This rating is unsolisited or paid for.