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Based on your answers, you qualify to file a Flordia Divorce.


If cost is the most inportant factor and there are no minor children of the marriage you can use this type of divorce. Provide us with basic information and we will e mail your documents to you.  Sign and return them to us and we will electroniclly file your documents in court for you.  


            Your cost is only $149.00 we file it for you electronically.





If convenience is your most important factor we will do everything for you. Documents, Office Notary Service, electronic court filling  and No Court Hearings to attend. 


             Your document cost is only $549.00. Only $275.00 

             to get it started.  




If there are minor children of the marriage you can use our No Court Hearing with Minor Children.  Everything is done for you.


              Your document cost is only $665.00. Only $335.00 

              to get it started.





If you do  not know where you spouse is and you have done a dilligent search for them, you can use our Publication Divorce.  

If you and your spouse are not in agreement, you have a contested divorce.

               Your cost is only $665.00 plus electronic filng

               Only $335.00 to get it started.




Court, service and publication costs are in addition to the document fees listed above.  

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